Use Colored Folders for Better Organization

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Whether you have a paper filing system, a digital filing system or both, you can use colored file folders to help you organize your information. Did You Know? Most people know that they can find hanging or traditional file folders in a variety of colors other than army green and Manila.  But did you know that you can create colored file folders on your digital desktop as well?  You absolutely can! Folder Colorizer by [...]

How to Make Preparing For Your Taxes Painless

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How Did It Go Getting Your Taxes Filed This Year?  Was it an easy and painless process for you?  If so, that’s GREAT!  Or, were you one of the 5.5 million business owners or 10.25 individuals that filed a tax extension this year?  Will you be spending the next few months frantically trying to get everything together for your accountant?  How stressful is that?  How much time will you waste looking for things?  What [...]

How to Protect Your Digital Information

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Last month, I wrote a blog entitled "How to Create a Paperless Office - Your Questions Answered".   In that discussion, I answered two of the three biggest questions my clients ask when it comes to digitizing their paper; those being the pro's and con's of moving to a paperless office and how to actually go about digitizing the paper.  I left the third question, and arguably the most challenging one, for its own separate [...]

How to Create a Paperless Office – Your Questions Answered

By |2016-11-09T14:07:26-07:00September 6th, 2016|

The Streamlined Office gets a lot of phone calls for help to reduce paper clutter.  Most people have the same three questions when it comes to their paper filing systems (or lack thereof) and how they can use technology to eliminate paper clutter and create a more efficient digital filing system. Often, the first question is whether to transition to a paperless office in the first place.  What are the pro’s and con’s? First, I [...]

Create a Digital File System in 5 Steps

By |2016-11-09T14:07:39-07:00April 7th, 2016|

It used to be that creating a filing system meant color coding your file folders, and then organizing them alphabetically or chronologically.  In some instances, this may still be reasonable. However, today’s small businesses and home offices are now a lot more dependent on technology.  Most record-keeping is now electronic, so you may need to consider both the system that resides on your computer in addition to the one that resides in your filing cabinets [...]

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