Do You Want to Reduce the Amount of Mail in Your Email Inbox? 

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In my previous blog,  9 Tips to Email Management, I suggested that my readers unsubscribe from unnecessary and unwanted emails.  This includes subscriptions that you may or may not have intentionally signed up for and that you don’t read. The best way to reduce email clutter! The best and easiest way to clean up your inbox is to make sure that you carefully control your email preferences every time you open a new account [...]

Are You Overwhelmed by Email? Here are 9 Tips To Get Your Inbox Under Control NOW!

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Are you overwhelmed by your email?  If you are, then you are in good company.  Almost all of my clients are stressed out by their inbox.  The GOOD NEWS is that there are 9 quick and simple things you can do to get in control and get there quickly!  How would you feel if you opened your email every day and felt like it was manageable?  It would feel FABULOUS, wouldn’t it?  Well, here’s [...]

Productivity Tip: Scheduling Gmail to be Sent at a Later Date and Time

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Recently I had a client who needed me to send her a reminder email about a project we had been working on.  We worked together in early September and my client needed the reminder to arrive on November 1st and then again next year on April 1st. I use Gmail and it does not have a build in email scheduler.  Sidekick, which links my Gmail account to my FREE Hubspot CRM account, only allows me [...]

Is Your Email Inbox a Source of Revenue or Is It Costing You Time and Money?

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It’s been less than 20 years! According to the E-Commerce Times, email usage became mainstream in November of 1999.  That’s less than 20 years ago!  There are generations alive today who have never known life without email!  Since 1999, the number of email users has increased to 2.6 billion and it is estimated that the average business user will receive 96 emails per day by 2019.  Email has become an integral part of our [...]

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