Use Colored Folders for Better Organization

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Whether you have a paper filing system, a digital filing system or both, you can use colored file folders to help you organize your information. Did You Know? Most people know that they can find hanging or traditional file folders in a variety of colors other than army green and Manila.  But did you know that you can create colored file folders on your digital desktop as well?  You absolutely can! Folder Colorizer by [...]

4 Easy Steps to Organize Your Papers

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An effective filing system will allow you to find any document you need in 20 seconds or less!  If you read that statement and think that’s impossible, this article has been written for YOU!  The Streamlined Office uses 4 basic steps to organize any office, business or personal. Step One: Know Your Retention Criteria Before you begin any organizing project, you need to sit down and think carefully about WHAT you are going to [...]

Audit Your Office With Our FREE Checklist

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Do you ever find yourself wishing someone would come in to your business or home office and get it organized for you? Just like those reality TV shows, where someone walks into a home that is in complete disarray and by the end of the episode everything is neat and orderly? At the start of the episode you empathize with the sense of overwhelm that the homeowner is feeling.  In fact, maybe you feel [...]

3 Steps to an Efficient Paper Mail Management System

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If the largest source of paper clutter in your business or home office is mail, you are not alone.  The statistics quoted by the National Association of Professional Organizers regarding mail are staggering. The average American buys 668 books and 9,000 magazines annually. That is the equivalent to a small town library in the US in one person’s lifetime. The average American receives 49,060 pieces of mail in their lifetime; 1/3 of it is junk [...]

Why Processes Are Important to Your Business

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What is a process? The definition of a process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.  If you think about it, every action in your business should be part of a larger process that is moving you towards a very specific goal. For example, let’s suppose you belong to a networking group or are attending a networking event.  Why are you there in the first place?  [...]

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