How to Keep Your Important Data Safe

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  Have you ever lost your smartphone?  Broken it?  Dropped it the toilet, pool or hot tub?   Experienced plain old hardware failure?  What happened to all of the apps and other customizations that you had saved on your phone and how much time did it take to get your new phone set up “just the way you like it”? Almost everyone I know has gone through the stress and pain of trying to restore [...]

Do You Want to Reduce the Amount of Mail in Your Email Inbox? 

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In my previous blog,  9 Tips to Email Management, I suggested that my readers unsubscribe from unnecessary and unwanted emails.  This includes subscriptions that you may or may not have intentionally signed up for and that you don’t read. The best way to reduce email clutter! The best and easiest way to clean up your inbox is to make sure that you carefully control your email preferences every time you open a new account [...]

Use Colored Folders for Better Organization

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Whether you have a paper filing system, a digital filing system or both, you can use colored file folders to help you organize your information. Did You Know? Most people know that they can find hanging or traditional file folders in a variety of colors other than army green and Manila.  But did you know that you can create colored file folders on your digital desktop as well?  You absolutely can! Folder Colorizer by [...]

Do You Need An Easy Way To Track Your Mileage?

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  If your answer is YES, then look no further than the MileIQ application.  Gone are the days of keeping the written mileage log in your vehicle, briefcase or purse.  With today’s technology, tracking your miles can be done directly from your smartphone.  Here’s how. Download the MileIQ app from the App store on your phone Create an account Enter your vehicle information including your current odometer reading. You can enter more than one [...]

Are Your Passwords Well Protected?

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Cyber security is on everyone’s mind these days.  Now, more than ever, it is important to protect your information from those who would steal it and use it with mal intent.  Having strong and different passwords for all of your online accounts is a good place to start.  With more activity on the internet today than ever before, I find that most of my clients struggle to keep track of their passwords, are NOT [...]

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