Don’t Let Nighttime Electronic Use Kill Your Productivty

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Do you enjoy reading on an electronic device or using your computer right before bed?  If so, it could be affecting your sleep and your productivity!  Here’s why. Impact of nighttime electronic use Recent research shows that “using these (electronic) devices before bed prolongs the time it takes to fall asleep, delays the circadian clock, suppresses levels of melatonin (a sleep promoting hormone), reduces the amount and delays the timing of REM sleep, and [...]

Do You Want to Reduce the Amount of Mail in Your Email Inbox? 

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In my previous blog,  9 Tips to Email Management, I suggested that my readers unsubscribe from unnecessary and unwanted emails.  This includes subscriptions that you may or may not have intentionally signed up for and that you don’t read. The best way to reduce email clutter! The best and easiest way to clean up your inbox is to make sure that you carefully control your email preferences every time you open a new account [...]

Are You Overwhelmed by Email? Here are 9 Tips To Get Your Inbox Under Control NOW!

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Are you overwhelmed by your email?  If you are, then you are in good company.  Almost all of my clients are stressed out by their inbox.  The GOOD NEWS is that there are 9 quick and simple things you can do to get in control and get there quickly!  How would you feel if you opened your email every day and felt like it was manageable?  It would feel FABULOUS, wouldn’t it?  Well, here’s [...]

Productivity Tip:  Use Alexa to Be More Productive

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Millions of Alexa Devices were sold this past holiday season with Echo and Echo Dot being the best-sellers.  Were you one of the millions?  Have you been using Alexa as a novelty or a productivity tool?  If you haven’t already, you should consider Alexa to be one of your productivity and time management partners.  Why? Voice technology can be really handy in helping you get items added to your To-Do Lists or Calendar quickly, [...]

Productivity Tip: The Sleep Cycle App Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Be More Productive

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The Streamlined Office has written a number of blogs about productivity.  Mostly, these articles have pertained to goal setting, prioritizing, the importance of processes etc.  Until now, I had yet to write anything about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that you can function at a high level throughout your day.  Good nutrition, regular exercise, and sleep are key to feeling your best. When you feel your best, you are likely to get [...]

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