Do you ever find yourself wishing someone would come in to your business or home office and get it organized for you?

overwhelmedJust like those reality TV shows, where someone walks into a home that is in complete disarray and by the end of the episode everything is neat and orderly?

At the start of the episode you empathize with the sense of overwhelm that the homeowner is feeling.  In fact, maybe you feel the same way about your business or office.  There is a lack of organization and an absence of systems.  The result is the stress of not knowing how to tackle all of the tasks or things that need to be done.  But by the time the TV episode is over, you feel calm and relaxed on behalf of the homeowner, and wish you felt the same way every time you walked into your office.

The Streamlined Office provides a solution for small businesses and home offices that need to get organized and put processes into place.

We can empower you by removing the constraints to business growth and home office productivity created by inefficient processes. We can help you get that sense of calm, and it’s not at all as hard as you think or feel it will be.

We start by taking the time to understand your needs.

where do i startThis is accomplished using critical thinking, process analysis and problem solving expertise.  We ask questions about your pain points and discuss your goals and anticipated outcomes.  Where are you struggling, what would you like to see change, and what would the end result look or feel like to you?

Then we create custom solutions for your unique needs.

Sometimes our clients are spot on as to where their problems come from and simply need a new idea or solution.  The solution might be the use of a new or different technology that is better suited to achieve a goal.  Sometimes the solution comes from the clarity that is afforded by an objective assessment from a third party who is not emotionally invested.  Sometimes our clients just need an extra set of hands to “get it done”.

Other times, we identify that the source of the problem is something altogether different than the client expected.  Removing the actual source of the problem leads to the quick resolution and stress relief that our clients were looking for!

Our Free Office Audit Checklist will get you started!  If you need some help, The Streamlined Office can deliver on-site or virtual services to implement practical, process-oriented organizational solutions.  We are proficient in PC based technology solutions and can help you streamline your paper and digital filing systems, establish email management processes, organize your digital calendar and task list, digitize business cards and implement the use of a CRM system for sales tracking.  We can also help improve your physical workflow by eliminating office clutter, establish work centers. We can even provide suggestions to enhance workstation ergonomics and reduce the physical pain from prolonged sitting.

We can help you overcome the obstacles to business success and office disorganization created by inefficient systems and poor processes and workflow.

Learn more at The Streamlined Office or contact us and let us help you get more organized today!