Business Cards and CRM Systems

Are you wasting valuable time collecting business cards because you aren’t using the information you collect?

If business cards or the information you write down on sticky notes sits on your desk or in a drawer, it isn’t doing you any good! Make sure your hard work isn’t going to waste.  We can help you get your contact information organized so that it is readily available to help you market your business effectively and efficiently. After all, isn’t that why you are collecting contacts in the first place?  It will be money in your pocket!

The Streamlined Office can help put technology to work for you!  Digitize the business cards you collect and set up or integrate a CRM system to help you keep track of your clients.  Contact us today or read on if you’re still not convinced that this will be time well spent!

Small business owners spend a lot of time networking and building new business connections.  

The hope is to attract new clients, find resources to help with their business or raise awareness of their business so people recommend their business. Typically, that means you end up with a collection of business cards.  Now, what?

How many times have you been in the situation where you needed someone’s contact information

but found yourself saying “I’ll send the information over to you when I get back to the office”? Maybe you do. Or, maybe like many people, you get distracted at the office and forget to follow through. Perhaps you remember a few days later, but then, the momentum or the context of the conversation gone. You are doing a disservice to yourself, your new business connection and your current group of contacts. Doesn’t it make far more sense to have those contacts available at your fingertips? How much more professional would you have looked if you had the information available on the spot? “Wow! This person is on their game”!

Hanging on to business cards won’t do you any good until you put them in a format that’s usable.

Do you have a process to get the information contained on the business card into your contact list(s)? You should!  After all, you took the information for a reason.  (If you didn’t, check out why having a process in place for all aspects of your business is critical to your success).  With today’s advances in OCR technology, you can easily find an app or scanning device that will quickly and easily capture contact information and upload into your contacts.

What about the next step to managing contacts?

As a business owner, don’t you need to keep track of leads, clients, connections, and conversations?  Do you have an efficient process in place or are you losing potential business and revenue because you can’t keep track of everything?  Ouch!  Tha’s money out the door…

CRM system is one solution to tracking your interactions.

It is a good idea to have a CRM or another process in place.  Make it a practice to sit down immediately after returning from an event or meeting.  If you have gathered new contact information, get it into your database.  Did you follow-up with an established connection? Then make notes so you remember where you left off in the conversation or sales process!

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