Home Offices

We also provide services for your home office!

The Streamlined Office can help save you time and money by creating systems for all of the areas in your home office.  Whether you work from home or simply manage your personal life from your home office, we provide the same quality service and high level of expertise to the residential office that we do for our corporate clients.

Do you have too much paper or other clutter lying around your office?

Is this stressful and overwhelming?  Did you know that clutter can reduce your productivity?  And, who says that productivity is strictly a business concept?  Whether you work from home or not, if your office is full of clutter, you probably don’t enjoy being there.  And, if you don’t enjoy being there, then you won’t be motivated or productive.  We can help you conquer the clutter so that your office is a serene and enjoyable place to be!

Is your email bogging you down?

Do you get lots of junk or unsolicited email?  Too much spam?  Do you wish you had a way to organize your inbox so that you could deal with what is most important to you?  If you would like to learn how to use your email system to save time and make sure you don’t miss anything important, The Streamlined Office is here to help.  We can teach you tricks and techniques to keep you email inbox under control so you never lose or miss the mail that matters most.

Is paper mail stacked up in your office?

Kitchen? Living room?  There are plenty of ways to reduce the volume of paper mail that you receive.  The Streamlined Office can also show you strategies that will eliminate those piles altogether.  Don’t miss important information or billing deadlines because your paper mail is sitting in a big, unopened pile with critical notices unseen and unread.  There are solutions that are easier than you think!

Do you lack a good filing system?

Have ever had to reproduce important documents because you couldn’t find the originals?  Have you ever missed payments or deadlines because you didn’t have the information that you needed?  The problem could be your filing system.  The Streamlined Office can help you organize your paper and digital filing systems so that everything you need is at your fingertips.  How would it feel to know that you can find anything you need in your office in 20 seconds your less?  It is absolutely possible!  Interested in going paperless?  The Streamlined Office can help you make that transition too.

Is there never enough time in your day to get everything done?

The Streamlined Office has the expertise to implement time and task management solutions to free up time for the things you enjoy the most!  We have plenty of ideas to customize a solution that works for you and your busy lifestyle.  Make sure you are using your calendar as effectively as possible.  Interested in how technology can help?  We can show you how to use apps for time and task management to get the most from your day.  We will determine where your biggest challenges are and create solutions that meet your needs so you can make sure you are focusing on the things that matter the most.

Do you need help with technology?

The Streamlined Office can work with you and teach you how to easily use your technology for whatever you want to accomplish.  From financial software like Quicken, to the general set up and use of social media, The Streamlined Office can be your personal technology consultant.  We have the expertise to make technology simple to learn and to use.

The Streamlined Office provides on-site and virtual services to help you save time and money and give you peace of mind in your home office.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please call us at 480-221-0588.  We offer a FREE consultation, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!