Do you belong to an organization, networking club or another group?  Are you looking for a quality public speaker who can give your group valuable and useful information on organizing, time management or productivity?

The Streamlined Office is happy to provide the following topics for public speaking.  Is there an area of organizing that you don’t see listed?  Contact us!  We are happy to provide customized presentations to meet your needs.

Feeling Overwhelmed?  TIME to Take Control. 

Are you exhausted at the end of the day?  Are you always in a rush; arriving late or missing deadlines? Do you wish you had more time to do FUN things?  This time management presentation will show you how to take control of the hours in your day so that you have you more time to do the things you enjoy!


What a House Fire Taught Me About Organizing My Important Papers

What would happen if you found yourself in the middle of a crisis such as a house fire or a medical emergency?  Do you know what important documents you or your family will need to get ahold of immediately?  Do you and someone else know where they are and how to access them?  This presentation teaches you how to organize your important papers/files and make them readily available in case of emergency.  This information is also critical if you live in more than one residence for all or part of the year.  Make sure your important documents are up to date and travel with you!  I’ll show you how!


Do You Want to Conquer Your Paper Clutter?

Do you have a plethora of paper piles?  Placed on your desk?  Plopped on the floor?   Pushed into cabinets and drawers?  Stop wasting valuable time looking for things by learning the 4 basic steps to paper filing.  How great would it feel to be able to find anything you need in your office in 20 seconds or less?  It’s possible!


Help!  I’m Drowning in Email!

How much more relaxed would you feel if your email inbox was under control?  This presentation will show you tips and tricks for reducing incoming email, keeping track of messages, storing messages and more!  If you want to have an inbox that you are excited to open, look no further!


I Have a Clean Desk.  Now All the Mess Is On My Computer

Have you traded paper clutter for digital clutter?  Can you see the background image on your desktop or is it buried under your files and folders?  Not sure what the difference is between files and folders?  This presentation is designed with you in mind!  Learn how to create a digital filing system, use tags, searches and OCR (optical character recognition) to help you find what you need quickly and easily.


Don’t straighten up my office, you’ll goof up my system.

Do you find yourself looking for things but not finding them within easy reach?  Are you constantly getting up to get something?  Do you hate the thought of working in your office because just entering the space feels stressful?  Poor workflow could be the problem.  This unique presentation will help you maximize efficiency by arranging your office to create areas of function.  How much more relaxed and encouraged would you feel if you loved sitting in your office?


Business Cards: Are They Sitting in a Drawer or Doing Something for You?

Do you collect business cards like a kid collects baseball cards?  If you collect business cards but don’t have a good system for storing, accessing or using the information they contain, you won’t want to miss this presentation.  Learn how to quickly and easily get business card information off the card and into your contact list.  Learn how to export the data and use tags and groups for easy organization.


Is Your Aching Back the Result of Poor Ergonomics? 

Poor ergonomics could be affecting your back as well as your productivity.  How do you feel after sitting at your desk all day?  Tired? Sore? Stiff? Fatigued? Part of the problem could be poor ergonomics.  This presentation will teach you the basics of proper workstation ergonomics with helpful hints and to customize your desk, chair, computer and more!  Your day will be more productive and enjoyable with proper ergonomics.


You Have a Goal, But How Are You Going to Implement It?

Are you frustrated because you set goals but don’t achieve them?  How would your life be different if you actually reached your goals this year? Whether your goals are business or personal, this interactive presentation will help you be more productive by creating strategic goals with an action plan!  Make this year the year you not only achieve your goals, but you exceed them!