Virtual Services and Technology

Do you need help with technology?

If you are tired of not being able to get a “real person” on the phone to help you with your technology questions or if you have difficulty understanding customer support that is outsourced to foreign locations, The Streamlined Office is the solution!

Not only can we provide our services virtually, but we work with many clients who need help understanding and using technology.  The Streamlined Office can work with you and teach you how to use your technology to meet your needs.  Consider us your personal technology consultant!  We have the expertise to make technology simple to learn and easy to use.

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Work can happen anywhere and anytime.

Thanks to advances in technology, many businesses are able to expand their reach into domestic and even international markets.  The Streamlined Office is no exception.  Through the use of web-hosted services, remote conferencing tools, phone consultations and screen sharing, The Streamlined Office is able to provide consulting and productivity services to businesses outside our home base in Arizona.

Virtual services are the perfect option…

for the entrepreneur and self-motivated client who is interested in any of the services that The Streamlined Office has to offer. Following an initial phone consultation to establish your needs and goals, The Streamlined Office will create customized solutions that meet your expectations regarding time, availability and outcomes.

The Streamlined Office will provide instructions and suggestions for action items that will need to be completed between sessions.  The pace is up to you!

If you are interested in additional education for your employees, colleagues or professional associations, The Streamlined Office can host webinars and virtual training sessions as well.  We are just a click  or phone call away! 480-221-0588