In my previous blog,  9 Tips to Email Management, I suggested that my readers unsubscribe from unnecessary and unwanted emails.  This includes subscriptions that you may or may not have intentionally signed up for and that you don’t read.

The best way to reduce email clutter!

The best and easiest way to clean up your inbox is to make sure that you carefully control your email preferences every time you open a new account online.  Whenever you create an online account that requests your email address, there will be an option in the account settings area that allows you to choose your email or communication preferences.  Take a moment to check these settings.  It will save you time in the long run and keep your inbox uncluttered!

For example, Costco allows you to choose whether you want to see member benefits/exclusive offers and/or product recommendations.  You have the option to choose one, both or neither of these.  By default, you will almost always find that all of the communication preference boxes are checked as a courtesy for you.  A common problem I see with my clients is that they create online accounts and do not uncheck the email communication boxes.    Be aware!  You will automatically be added to solicitation lists unless you specifically “uncheck” the communication box or boxes.




It is also interesting to note that Costco tells you that they will share your name, mailing address, email address, membership number, status and type with their selected partners so that you will be targeted with emails and offers.  This may or may not be of value to you.  It is a decision you will need to make for all of your accounts based on your retention guidelines and goals.

The next best way to eliminate email clutter!

The next best way to eliminate subscription emails from your inbox is to consider downloading an app like .  This app touts that “Streamlining your inbox has never been this easy”.  No wonder The Streamlined Office loves and recommends it to clients! is free!

It scans your inbox to find out how many subscriptions you have, then gives you the option to either keep them in your inbox, unsubscribe or consolidate them into a daily digest called a “Rollup”.  

Subscriptions that are placed in the Rollup will no longer take up space in your inbox but are sent to an “” folder.  You can choose the time of day to receive your Rollup (morning, afternoon or evening).  You will only get a Rollup on the days that you receive email subscriptions. supports Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud email AOL Mail and Google Apps.  Two of the downsides is that it supports only one email account at a time and it is not compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server.

The Streamlined Office can help!

The Streamlined Office can help you save time, money and frustration by helping you put efficient systems and processes into place in your home or business office.  For more information or to schedule your FREE consultation to help you create a customized email solution, contact us at 480-221-0588.