Recently I had a client who needed me to send her a reminder email about a project we had been working on.  We worked together in early September and my client needed the reminder to arrive on November 1st and then again next year on April 1st.

I use Gmail and it does not have a build in email scheduler.  Sidekick, which links my Gmail account to my FREE Hubspot CRM account, only allows me to schedule 6 weeks into the future.  So, neither of my existing systems had the inherent ability to send twice yearly reminders to my client like she wanted.

Gmail Scheduler turned out to be the solution!  I simply installed the Email Scheduler for Gmail and then had the option to schedule my email for the desired dates.  If you are a Gmail user and don’t have another option for sending out scheduled emails (such as through your CRM system) give this a try.  It is easy to set up and it’s FREE with your existing Gmail account.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Gmail and compose one or more email messages. When you are finished, keep the message as Drafts. DO NOT hit the Send
  2. Go to org/schedulerand install the Email Scheduler for Gmail.  It will be installed inside Google Sheets.
  3. After the Email Scheduler add-on is installed, you will need to allow the add-on to access your Gmail and other Google Apps services. This is a one-time authorization. This authorization is necessary because all of the emails will go out from your Gmail account.
  4. A Google Sheet will pop up on your screen as the result of your installation process. Inside the Google Sheet, go to Add-ons > Email Scheduler > Configure.  This will launch the Email Scheduler.Google Email Scheduler Add On
  5. Click the dropdown menu and you will see a list of the emails in the Drafts section of your Gmail. Select a message, click the Schedulebutton and follow the wizard to schedule that message. It will let you choose a date and time.

Gmail Scheduler Wizard

I would suggest renaming the spreadsheet something that you will remember like “Scheduled Emails”.  For future use, you will need to open the spreadsheet and follow Steps 1, 4 & 5 listed above.  You can find your spreadsheet by clicking on the Google apps icon at the top right of your email page and then click Even More From Google.  Scroll down until see you find the Home & Office section > Sheets.



The emails are scheduled in the time zone of your browser and will be sent within +/- 15 minutes of the specified time.  Purchasing the Premium version for $29.99 gives you these additional features:

  • Perpetual License – you just pay once and use it forever.
  • Schedule emails on a recurring basis that go out hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Easily create duplicate copies of existing drafts in Gmail.
  • Schedule unlimited number of email messages within Gmail limits.
  • Track email opens and know when your messages are read or opened.
  • Complimentary email technical support upgradable to one-on-one support.
  • Free software updates for lifetime, delivered automatically.

The Gmail Scheduler can help you become more productive and efficient with your email system.  Need other tips?  Feel free to contact The Streamlined Office where we offer process solutions for small business and home offices.