Honey brower extensionThe holidays are fast approaching.  I know this because there are already Christmas decorations in the stores and we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving yet!  In anticipation of the holiday shopping season, this month’s productivity tip is about a FREE browser extension called “Honey”.  Honey can save you money by automatically finding and applying coupon codes to your online purchases.

If you are like me, you do quite a bit of your holiday shopping online.  For that matter, you may shop online throughout the year and not just at the holidays.  Either way, getting to the checkout page and seeing the box that says “enter your coupon or promotional code here” always made me feel like I might be missing out on a better deal.  The “Honey” app has solved this problem with the click of a button.

Honey is designed for and tested on most major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox version 19 and above, Safari versions 5 and above, Internet Explorer version 11 or Edge.  As of September 2016, a mobile version was not yet available but was reportedly in the works.

Join Honey and then download and install Honey on your desktop browser.  The Honey button will appear in your browser.  There are 3 ways to put Honey to work for you:

If you know exactly what you need to buy, shop as usual and add the item to your shopping cart.  A Honey sidebar will appear on your checkout page that searches for and automatically applies coupon codes that are available.

If you are simply browsing through the website of one of Honey’s 100 partner stores, you can click on the Honey button in your browser and it will show you all of the available sales and coupon codes currently available.  Check out this brief video to see Honey in action.

Honey also has what they call the HoneyGold Program.  There are two ways to participate.  First, you can earn HoneyGold by inviting friends to join.  Once they make their first purchase, you get your points.  Second, some stores offer a “Cash Bonus” at checkout.  Click the Cash Bonus button and the points will be applied to your account.  HoneyGold can be redeemed in the form of gift cards.  Soon, the points will also be available in the form of cash via PayPal.

Results regarding the use of Honey on the Amazon website have been mixed.  If you are an Amazon shopper, I will be interested to hear your feedback as to whether Honey produced any savings for you.  To date, I have had limited results using Honey with Amazon.  Regardless, I don’t think it can hurt to have the extension running.  You never know when a good deal is out there waiting for you!


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