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I approached the Streamline Office when I was starting up my Physical Therapy practice.  There were several resources that I needed from her company, including web page design as well as connections in the community for graphic design and printing options.  I have known Amy for several years and I knew she would be able to point me in the right directions with my business startup and giving me the start I need to be successful.  Her attention to detail and the organized approach by which she runs her communications confirmed to me right away that I was using the best resource for my needs.  The Streamlined office helped me to develop my web page.  The details needed and the ability to link my practice via my website proved more challenging than I would have imagined and having the direction and expertise of The Streamlined Office served to be invaluable.  As a result, we produced a well- designed web page that links me to several affiliations and my scheduling software.  The feedback I have had from clients has been that the page is easy to use and easy to navigate and has an excellent design component.  Amy brought expertise to the table about so many aspects of web page design that I simply didn’t know and created a functional product for my business needs.  She listened to my needs but also provided input on design and workability for the web page.  Her attention to detail has produced an excellent product.  I found the experience to be efficient and professional.  I would not hesitate to recommend the Streamlined Office for your small business needs and start-up needs.  You will get conscientious care and expertise to help you with your needs.

One of the best business investments I ever made was hiring Amy Geils from The Streamlined Office.  I also am a Professional Organizer but I specialize in residential organizing, not business organizing.  Amy’s expertise as a Productivity Consultant and her computer skills are what I needed.

I mainly needed help organizing my paper clutter and my digital clutter.  I have excellent organizing skills but like many, my paper clutter became too stressful and emotional for me to deal with on my own, and, like my own clients, I came to the realization that I needed a professional’s help.

Amy was one of the best gifts I ever bought for myself- and my business.  My office looked great and felt great after Amy left.  Everything had a home and my file cabinet never looked better.  She made it so easy for me to find what I needed on my computer.  What a pleasure!

My advice: If you are drowning in paper clutter in your office, things are mixed up everywhere, filing needs to be done, you need to go from paper to digital, you need to hire Amy.  She has amazing patience and really wants to help.  She is the utmost professional and works super fast.

After I had the terrific experience of being a client, I now recommend Amy to all my residential clients who need help with their home offices- especially when they need help with the computer or filing systems. Amy is the Business Organizer I recommend.

I tell people, “Amy is the Organizer that Professional Organizers hire to help them!”  I think that says it all.  She is highly respected in our industry as one of the leading Business Organizers and Productivity Consultants in Arizona.  I also had the pleasure of working with Amy on the Board of NAPO-AZ (National Association of Professional Organizers)

Thank you, Amy, for helping me with my home office and also for helping me grow my business, Happy Home Organizers, LLC.  Our industry and your clients are lucky to have you.

Rachel Winter, Happy Home Organizers

I recently had the pleasure of working with Amy Geils of The Streamlined Office, LLC.  I had a problem that was resisting my efforts at a solution, and I decided to call in someone who knew what she was doing.  Amy was patient; she helped me identify the true problem and then she quickly and proactively resolved it for me.

Amy is organized, creative, technologically savvy, empowering and committed to her clients’ success!  I heartily recommend The Streamlined Office and Amy Geils to anyone whose office or business is not running as efficiently or effectively as it might; she will definitely get you running smoothly very quickly.

I have worked with Amy several times on various tasks and projects. Amy is extremely thorough and detail oriented.  She has great organization skills including office work, paper and files.  she has a knack for implementing processes into workflow, working towards simplicity and ridding of all excess, leaving more time to sell my products and be more productive in the workforce.  I would highly recommend Amy as she has many valuable skills and is pleasant to work with.

Cammy West, Territory Manager, Scottsdale, AZ

Amy has definitely helped me streamline my office. She is very focused on her work and makes me think outside of the box when streamlining my office area and methods. Amy asks questions to get me to think differently. As a result, I have about 1/3 of the items in my office area that I had prior to her assistance… all nicely labeled.  I appreciate Amy’s great help and highly recommend her to you!! ”

Jane DeLong, Computer Consulting Services

This year I made a commitment to organize my life.  The first area and most needed was my home office.  I have always struggled with keeping my office organized and clutter free.  It was at the point that I would close the door and not work in there anymore.  I was introduced to Amy owner of Organization by Amy by a mutual friend.  I was embarrassed but told her my story.  She made me feel very comfortable and reassured me that I am not alone.  I gave her my phone number and email and asked for help.  She contacted me and began the process.  First, she asked me a lot of questions to help her understand my needs and learn about my business. Then we met and she came armed with a system and a label maker.  We worked together for 4 hours and I could not believe the results in such a short period of time.  She gave me a homework assignment of getting an inexpensive desktop file organizer and reminded me to only do one project at a time. I love my office so much, I have taken pictures and shared with friends who have seen the before and they were so proud of me.  I am now more productive and love my new space.  Thanks, Amy, you are the best!

Tara Carter, Old Home Republic

Kathleen and I wish to pass along our appreciation for all your efforts during our organizational follow-up day. The four hours flew by and we were very excited to have organized our new space to make it much more functional and efficient. Your dedication to task reminded me of my military days. Your professionalism, courtesy, and poise reminded us of teachers and coaches which were positive influences in our earlier days. We thank you and would highly recommend your consultative organizational expertise to others looking to get more control over their space and more freedom in their lives.

Michael and Kathleen Colbert

I LOVE the paper filing system Amy helped me set up. Until now, I felt like I was always fighting the clutter battle and losing miserably. Now, I know exactly where every piece of paper needs to go and it has dramatically improved my life. Does that sound too good to be true? It is real. It works. Amy is wonderful. Helpful without being judgmental. And she is understanding too. We all have some “guilty pleasures” that we cannot part with. She understands. I appreciate that. After the paper clean-up, I was inspired to clean up other problem areas (master bedroom & garage). This has been a win-win all around. Thanks, Amy!

Melissa Knighton

I had a great conversation with Amy and it was enlightening!  As a newly minted entrepreneur with both Entrepreneurial ADD and SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome), Amy was able to listen, observe and suggest strategies to simplify my processes and productivity in areas that I have been struggling with for months.

Darrell White, Cart Blanche Media

Your presentation was great! I find it very hard to believe that you haven’t been doing public speaking your whole life (following a presentation at the Heber-Overgaard Chamber of Commerce on “Organizing Your Important Documents”).

John Hendrix, John and Diane's Painting

Amy was awesome.  I have a very small office space and for the past four years, have simply felt disorganized working in that office area.  Things were stacked with no rhyme or reason to the “stacks”.  It took me forever to find anything.  I was totally frustrated.  Amy came in and within just as few short hours had everything in its place, in files and sorted in such a manner the office seemed to have grown before my very eyes. It’s awesome.  Before I really dreaded spending any time in that space, and now I love it.  Ask me for anything, and I’ll have it in a snap! I would highly recommend Amy to anyone.  She’s professional, efficient and of course VERY organized.

Jeanine Allsup

I had decided to transfer all of my CDs to a hard drive but in doing so I had not set up any folders to file music in alphabetically by artist. Amy created a system and filed all into alphabetical files by artist name.  Now when I want to add music or transfer music to my iPod, all I have to do is go to the corresponding folder by artist and locate what I need. By having my music filed in this manner I am able to manage my collection of over 1,000 titles!

Carol Zulich

Amy, Thank you very much for creating the sport highlight video for my son’s college application process. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Rob Clary

Thanks for your terrific help again, Amy! You are an excellent teacher and troubleshooter. I appreciate your knowledge, persistence and patience!

Andrea Michaels, Your Content Goes Here