What is a process?

The definition of a process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.  If you think about it, every action in your business should be part of a larger process that is moving you towards a very specific goal.

For example, let’s suppose you belong to a networking group or are attending a networking event.  Why are you there in the first place?  What is your goal?  Are you seeking new clients? Referral partners? Business exposure in a new sector?

Hopefully you leave this networking event with some new contact information.  What is your next step?  Do you digitize the information?  Put it in your contact list or CRM software?  Do you connect on social media? Send out a follow-up email?  Make a phone call?  What is your time frame for following up before the lead gets cold?  WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS?  It is very likely that you have wasted valuable time at the networking event if you don’t have a process in place to follow up with that new contact.

All Processes In Your Business Are Connected!

Steps To Reach a GoalIn his book, Working Towards Excellence, author Paul Buyer, has the following comments about processes.  “Despite the importance of effort, our society tends to overvalue results and undervalue process-the very process that leads to the results we are aiming for.  Foolishly, we expect to succeed and achieve the desired result despite the process we use, as if it were optional.”  “Think about it.  Excellence is created slowly, one day at a time, behind closed doors, when no one is looking.  It is happening gradually…if we treat the process with great care and respect.  And if the process continues to the same trajectory, excellence will be the result. The process is everything”.

Back to our networking example, if you think the process of managing new contacts is isolated from other systems in your business, think again.  Do you have a process for managing your contact list? What is your engagement process on social media?  How do you keep track of and manage your email inbox so you don’t miss important responses to your follow-up correspondence?  Do you have an efficient paper or digital filing system to manages information associated with your clients and referral partners?  Is that important information at your fingertips when you need it? ALL PROCESSES IN YOUR BUSINESS ARE CONNECTED!  If one system is poor, it will affect other areas.

Processes Enable Growth!

The Tinley Advantage has a concise article about the importance of processes and how they cut through an organization.  The article reinforces the concepts that processes “make a business competitive, enable growth and drive profitability”.

Want Your Company To Succeed?According to author Thomas Sterner, “We have the very unhealthy habit of making the product-our intended result-the goal, instead of the process of getting there.  We look at the process…as almost a necessary nuisance we have to go through in order to get to our goal”.  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE AND TREAT THE PROCESS AS THE MEANS TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL!

In the process, you will find the solution!

If you want your business to become more successful or are struggling to achieve any of your business goals, take a hard look at your processes.  In the process you will find the solution.

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